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Honestly things are not going as smooth as I had planned this summer. My job with GrassRoots did not work out. No one should have to do what they ask their employees to do. Basically they make you go out to the suburbs of Chicago and knock/buzz (apartments) doors and ask for money. The hours are from 2-10:30 and you have to make $150 on average daily or else they fire you. No overtime, barely making minimum wage, not fun. Everyone who I was observing just seemed ridiculously miserable. And apparently there have been countless lawsuits against them for how unfair they treat their employees. So I opted out of that one. Alllast week I pretty much applied everywhere and am now waiting to hear back.

Honestly, I'm not sure ifmoving to this city was the best choice. I absolutelylove living withym sister, but shes barely home. She leaves for workaround 7 am and gets back around 6. I only know one other person here but he is living with his girlfriend so I feel weird hanging out with them. Its weird not being able to just go out into the woods on nice days, and I feel really detached from nautre. I can barely afford transportation here by bus- 2.25 a ride. Everything is so damn far away, even if I do find something to do. Nothing is free, I mean yes there are free events but the whole trasportation thing sucks. I could be bumming around Maine and it would honestly cost a lot less- borrowing my moms car, bumming rides off of my friends.

I mean its only been a week here but I told my dad if I don't have a job by July, I would come home (after Pitchfork festival). Because living here, I'm just losing money instead of staying at a stale poor. Summer has always been my favorite season, and I don't want this city to ruin it. I think I'm also in a bad mood because Keith left for camp today and doesn't really get service so now I only get to talk to him like 2-3 times a week, if that.

I feel bad though because I know Grace wants me to stay here as long as I can because shes lonely lliving here, so I can't really leave, even if I am counting down the days.

I just don't fit in, I want to be on the farm growing food, not fucking working retail for corporate America.
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